We want to shake the world by taking leadership and using technology in a way that enables a more meaningful future for human mankind.


AEKKO is a nonprofit collaboration between some of the best leadership and technology people. Below you can read about our five services, purpose, values and how we are organized.



1. Process Humanization

Optimize your processes and liberate people from routine work, data crunching, etc.

There are a lot of unnecessary time spent on manual work just because people think that it can not be done by a computer or thinks that it is very expensive to make a tool that fixes the work in no time.

An example could be moving numbers to and from Excel and when the numbers are done they are obsolete – no integration just human Excel juggling with limited value! Could a plain and cheap IT tool help you do the trick or maybe automate the process? And make you take the driving wheel and not use your time helping a stupid computer – using your time to figure out what the numbers mean for your business not doing mindless labor.

Simple tools and integrations can help you a long way, but if it gets more complicated, maybe you can get help by using artificial intelligence (AI). Invite us to a normal day in the back-office function, and we are sure that we can show you how processes can be humanized by using technology.

2. Involved Advisory

Helping you and your business by our involvement, insight and mentoring.

It is not possible to know and have experience with everything. Sometimes you need a fresh take on your situation, run your thoughts through somebody else’s ears and hear what they would do in your place.

The collaboration is in the form of technology and process mentoring, sparring, idea generation, putting a plan together but we also happy to serve as members of advisory boards.

We are ready to walk the chosen path with you not only advise you but involve us. The result of having a partner you can trust is an investment that can make your see new possibilities, move your business to new areas and give you the courage to take bold decisions.

3. Technology Innovation

Enable your organization, services or products with technology.

Technology is advancing faster day for day at a pace that we did not predict only a couple of years ago and nothing indicates that the speed will stop – more likely it will advance faster year after year. Things at home and in business will be Internet-enabled which gives new possibilities for smarter and better future.

We think that technology should help humans not control them, and this perspective may not mostly be a nice wish, but a need since scientists expect a machine to be smarter than a human when we hit the year 2040. Nothing beats the future, but we need to make the right choices when we travel to the future.

Right now tiny and cheap sensors for monitoring and controlling mechanism combined with internal data or data from the Internet can be used to enable your business. It means that technology can not just monitor complex operations but that systems can take autonomous decisions based on data the sensors report.

We have been playing with technology since the early computer days and still do play with the newest technology and are ready to combine your knowledge with ours to see if we can co-create new services and products. Can your current services and products be combined with old and new technology and push your company to new business areas? Can your product be offered as a service?

4. Make It Happen

Fast and successful implementation of technology projects.

Missing scope and deadlines are more a de facto standard that successful technology implementations. There are a lot of reason for this, but one thing is sure – if you got the right team, focus on value, leadership and proper planning the project seldom goes astray.

We work in your organization with your premises but will bring our method and years of experience to make sure that your technology project will be successful.

We can build a project team from scratch, lead a complete team through a project, add the key personal so we hit the target of the project. AEKKO can be brought in to save projects that went astray.

5. Provoking the Organisation

Turn your organization on by challenging the biases.

In the age of fast moving technology organizations need to rethink their business at least every five years if they want to keep up with the known and unknown competition. Rethinking your organization that often requires that the organization need to fight the status quo and are not afraid to take bets on how the future looks or how your company wants to influence the direction of the future.

AEKKO can help you collect the data, give you insight also the insight that regular consultants are afraid of telling you. We start a collaborative process going through counter-intuitive ideas, provoking ones, simple ones and so on so we can form thesis/believes that could be added, changed or improved in your organization. We will in cooperation find what the best bets are to shift your organization to better results.

The result of such an operation could be a restructure of what people do, how they do it, removing old processes, better collaboration in the organization and a focus on how to push the meaningful tasks to humans that in sum gives efficient execution and higher quality delivered by your company.


Our Purpose

Nothing beats the future if we lay down the right stones now and each time a new second arrives in our life. The road for a more meaningful future for humankind may be long, but with a purpose that matters, we know that we will get closer each time the clock ticks.

We strive to build the foundation, so the future belongs to the hearted people.

Current Mission

We want to shake the world by taking leadership and using technology in a way that enables a more meaningful future for human mankind.


  █ People matter
  █ Truth wins 
  █ Transparency frees  
  █ Authenticity attracts 
  █ Quality speaks 
  █ Generosity returns 
  █ Courage sustains.


Our organization is built around personal autonomy, mastery of our profession and a purpose that ensures that we change the world for the better. We are not in it for high profit but trying to do work that matters for us and helps the customers.
The AEKKO organization consists of independent consultants to ensure personal autonomy. Personal autonomy indirectly means dedication to the customer’s project since we have the freedom to choose the assignments that get us early up in the morning, makes us smile but not least where we can make a difference.
We see our organization as a living organism, and therefore we are careful when new people wants to be a member of AEKKO. We only accept new members that we are 100% sure will make us stronger, understand our collaboration values and purpose.
We do not have titles, managers, a board of directors or reporting structures. Instead, we are a meritocracy, which means a member’s power to influence things is based on their competence and engagement. Decisions need to be aligned with our values and are made using consensus.
We are not a broker for freelancers (although we don’t mind helping them). We are an organization that foster collaboration between some of the best leadership and technology people that share the same values.
We are a 100% transparent organization, so if you need numbers, information or anything else, please contact us at [email protected].

AEKKO | Hyltebjerg Allé 43 | 2720 Vanløse | Denmark | (+45)51942412 | [email protected]