AEKKO| want to shake the world by taking leadership and using technology in a way that enables a more meaningful future for human mankind.


The man behind AEKKO| is Jørgen Larsen. Below you can read about my three services, the  purpose and values of AEKKO|


Jørgen Larsen 
Business development, Digital Innovation, Transformation and Execution Consultant (interim/freelance)

What I can do...

1. Digital insight & advisory

Helping you and your business by my involvement, insight and mentoring.

It is not possible to know and have experience with everything. Sometimes you need a fresh take on your situation, run your thoughts through somebody else’s ears, and hear what they would do in your place with their experience.

My expertise lies in a deep understanding and fascination with technology, but with 20 years of leader and management experience, I can put technology in a business context and set you apart from the competition.

I am ready to walk the chosen path with you, not only advise you but involve me. The result of having a partner you can trust is an investment that can make your see new possibilities, move your business to new areas, and give you the courage to make bold decisions.

KEYWORDS: Digital strategy, Advisory board member, Agile management.

Digital Property Insight (DPI)

In the last five years or so, I have seen a need for the following services that I have united under the name “Digital Property Insight”. 

They are:

KEYWORD: Performance, Security, Brand awareness, Proactive actions, Good customer service.

2. Digital transformation & execution

Fast and successful implementation of technology projects.

Missing scope and deadlines are more a de facto standard than successful technology implementations. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one thing is sure – if you got the right team, focus on value, leadership, and proper planning, the project seldom goes astray.

  • Optimizing team performance.
  • Project management mentoring.
  • Taskforce leadership (progress leadership, communication, risk management, etc. when critical systems fails).
  • Agile Project Management.

KEYWORD: Successful digital projects, team performance, taskforces.

3. Digital tooling & automation

Optimize your processes and liberate people from routine work, data crunching, etc.

There is a lot of unnecessary time spent on manual work just because people think that it can not be done by a computer or thinks that it is costly to buy or make a simple tool that fixes the job in no time.

My focus points are:

  • How to optimize your marketing.
  • How to optimize your administration.


Cheap off the shelves software and integrations can help you a long way, but if it gets more complicated, maybe you can get help by using artificial intelligence (AI) or a bit of custom made software.

Invite me to a typical day in the back-office function, and I am sure that I can show you how processes can be humanized by using technology.

KEYWORD: Digital tools, software as a service utilization, automation, artificial intelligence.


Our purpose

Nothing beats the future if we lay down the right stones now and each time a new second arrives in our life. The road for a more meaningful future for humankind may be long, but with a purpose that matters, I know that we will get closer each time the clock ticks.

I strive to build the foundation, so the future belongs to the hearted people.

Current mission

I want to shake the world by taking leadership and using technology in a way that enables a more meaningful future for human mankind.


  █ People matter
  █ Truth wins 
  █ Transparency frees  
  █ Authenticity attracts 
  █ Quality speaks 
  █ Generosity returns 
  █ Courage sustains.


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